From even its earliest days, films have used visual magic to produce illusions and trick effects that have startled audiences.
They can turn an artist's vision into an icon of popular culture and they can make each film unique from the last.
 These are the films to which we have contributed with the production of visual effects.

que puede pasar.jpg

¿Qué Puede Pasar? (2018)


Andrés Tamborino, Alejandro Gruz


Luciferina (2018)




Gonzalo Calzada


Cantantes en Guerra (2017)

Ricardo and Miguel, are two young friends, who form a musical duo. Convinced that they have great potential, they decide to present themselves to a casting for new musical talents and show the virtues of their group. In the casting, they do not want the duo. They only want Ricardo, who betrays Miguel, leaving him out of the band. 20 years later, Ricardo alias ¨Richie¨ will be the Latin Pop artist number one, and Miguel a music teacher with few students. But Miguel will begin his musical career, and will unleash the most crazy, delirious and fun competition ever seen.


Fabián Forte


La Última Fiesta (2016)

Alan, Dante and Pedro are three friends who grew up together from an early age. One of them ends a long relationship with his girlfriend and remains disconsolate. His two friends decide to lift his spirits by organizing a party.



 Leandro Mark, Nicolás Silbert

Papeles en el Viento (2015)

When El Mono dies, his three longtime friends try to recover from the loss and want to secure his little girl's future. But for Fernando, Mauricio and El Ruso this will not be easy. They decide to recover a big investment El Mono had made when he had bought a soccer player who was supposed to become a star.


Juan Taratuto


Socios por Accidente (2014)


Matías is a Russian-language translator. Rody, an Interpol agent who requires his services to clarify a case. A series of unforeseen events envelop them in a desperate run to protect their lives.



 Fabián Forte, Nicanor Loreti


Penumbra (2011)

A woman hesitantly rents an apartment to an eerie man who she soon realizes has a part in the solar eclipse that is taking place.



 Adrián García Bogliano, Ramiro García Bogliano